New firmware update for IMx on-line systems now available


SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 6.2 

The SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 6.2 is an upgrade of the IMx firmware to add support for SKF Multilog IMx-8 hardware. It brings new and improved features related to the intended use of IMx-8 for all IMx variants (IMx-S, IMx-W, IMx-B, IMx-C, IMx-P, IMx-T and IMx-M). 



Features and functionality of firmware version 6.2

The SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 6.2 is a minor update of the IMx firmware that includes fixes to defects as follows: 

- Intermittent measurement watchdog issue reported in event log with particular configurations including order tracking and sampled process points leading to data gaps. (VSTS #4438) 

- When using operating classes, measurements could be stored with class zero when configured to only store in non-zero class. This could happen when changing between class one and two during a measurement, where zero is the expected class to report. (VSTS #7329)